Gear List

Equipment List

Neumann BCM104
MXL Gold 35
M-Audio Sputnik
CAD M179
MXL V250 (2)
MXL 910
MXL 920
Cascade Fat Head
Rode NT4
Shure SM57
Shure SM58s
Audix D6 (3)
Shure Beta98 (3)
Sennheiser e906
Sennheiser e606
Sennheiser e604
MXL Guitar Cube
Carvin sm. diaphragm condenser
Handmade “Magic” Subkick

EVH 5150 III Head
Marshall 3315 Lead Head
Bugera 333XL Head
Fender SuperSonic 60 (combo)
Bugera V22 (combo)
Carvin Vai Legacy 4×12 cab
Bugera 4×12 slant cab
Ampeg BA-115 (bass combo)
Mesa Boogie Buster 200W Head w/ Mesa 1×15 Cab
Kustom PA w/ (2) 15” pwrd. wedges, and 12” subwoofer
XENYX X1222usb mixer
Roland Fantom G6
Ddrum DRT Triggers
Nord Drum Module
Various Softsynths
Miroslav Philharmonic
Various USB keyboard controllers
Ludwig Centennial Zep Drum Kit (26′ kick, 14″, 16″, 18″ toms)
Zildjian, Paiste, Wuhan Cymbals
Percussion Toy Box w/ MORE COWBELL
Various LEFTY Guitars and basses : Gibson Les Paul, Kramer ST600, Schecter C7 Hellraiser (Diamond Series), Hohner Acoustic Dreadnought, Takamine Pro Series Acoustic, BC Rich Warlock (Hot-Rodded), LTD B-206 (Bass)
A ton of random Guitar Pedals – Boss, Digitech, Cry Baby, Rocktron, Maxon, Korg, Source Audio, Vox, Budda, Mooer, Moog, and more!

Apple iMac i5 3.066 Ghz / REAPER 4
Dell i7 Laptop / REAPER 4
Lenovo i7 Y50/70 Laptop / REAPER 5
Focusrite LS56
Steinberg UR44
Ableton LIVE 8
Focusrite ISA One
Little Labs LMNO Pre
Radial Workhorse (500 series)
Radial X-Amp Active Re-amp (500 series)
Little Labs VOG (500 series)
Digimax FS
DBX 163a Comp/Limiter
BLUE Robbie the Mic Pre
Behringer Microamp HA400
Behringer PX3000
Fostex PM8.4.1 Monitors
JBL ND310 Hi-Fi spkrs./Kenwood power
Plug-Ins: Everything
Sony MDS-JE500 Mini Disc
Sony MDR-7506 headphones
Sony MDR-V500 headphones
Lots of stands and cables (duh!)
Black Lion PM-8 summing mixer
Tascam CD-RW5000
CD/DVD Pro Duplicator 7
100 Gigs + of samples and loops in most genres