We have air conditioning! To most people, that matters more than the fact that we’re located in a historic Hollywood building. It’s the same former sound-stage where Ed Wood filmed the interior shots for “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, and it was also the documented first rehearsal spot of none other than Guns N’ Roses (Slash talks about it in his auto-biograhpy). But hey, what really matters is we can get the place cold before the mics go live and you play/sing your little heart out.

Real talk: This studio is RAW ROCK N ROLL. Ironically, many, many of my clients are hip-hop artists, and they love the vibe as well. It’s real. It’s street. It kind of feels like a trap house, or a place where Freddy Kruger is hanging out in the boiler room next door. Essentially, this place is for artists with a bit of edge- it’s not for posers or the faint of heart. Services available include;

Tracking (full band or overdubs)
Mobile Studio (Solar/battery powered bus rig + 100ft. snake, 8 track simultaneous rec.)
Sequencing and Sound-design
CD/DVD Duplication
Studio Musicians/Accompaniment
Song Writing/Composition
Beat Production
Scores and Soundtracks
Home Studio Consultation
Production and Audio Engineering Lessons


MINI BIO: Owner/Operator, Kai Laigo

Having extensive experience wearing many hats in the audio industry, Kai is more than capable of handling the wild world of record production.  He began as a teenager writing and recording dozens of rock, metal, industrial, and electronic tunes using a Tascam 4-track, in addition to recording the neighbor’s bands.  In 1999, he gained experience in the live realm assisting Hawaii’s top sound reinforcement/rental house on various arena and convention gigs.

Shortly thereafter, Kai co-engineered a live album for the legendary Hawaiian performer Henry Kapono called “Live: Dukes’s on Sunday”, which would chart in the top 20 of Billboard’s Reggae/Island chart in July of 2003.  He also freelanced around Honolulu managing several rehearsal studios, recording live acts, and producing albums for his black metal/thrash band Magnum Carnage.

Eventually, Kai would end up working at The Vibe Asylum, one of Hawaii’s busiest recording/rehearsal studios, and improved his knowledge of Pro-Tools and digital recording immensely under the tutelage of Vibe Asylum’s owner/head engineer, Ben Tirnauer.  Not feeling satisfied with Hawaii’s music scene, he moved to Los Angeles in 2009, and landed a 2-year job as an A&R agent and home-recording consultant for HelloMusic.com.  K.L. is now back to freelancing, running the studio, and spending his time making original music.


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