Mixing + Mastering
It all starts with your music. If the sonics don’t stand up and punch you in the face; If the timbre and tones don’t inspire with the same depth and richness of “big name” productions, then you’re not doing your music justice. For your music to be on equal footing with other artists, you need to make sure your production is top-notch. Even with home studios being more powerful than they ever have been, it’s still very difficult to achieve a professional mix! This is because it can take years, if not decades to acquire the skills necessary to achieve a “real album” sound. To be honest, you still need top-notch performances, instruments, and front-end (mics, press, converters) to get that true “major label” sound. But, assuming you’ve done your best, we can take you the rest of the way to a professional mix and master.

Our philosophy is that the artist should concentrate on supplying the best performance possible, and then let a qualified engineer mix and master it with an objective ear. We’ve got a huge selection of the best plug-ins available, as well as an acoustically treated mix room, analog outboard gear, good monitors, and two decades of engineering experience. Send us your raw multi-track .wav or .aif files (all MUST be bounced/rendered/exported as full-length tracks with the same starting point), and we’ll mix, then master your track(s) with a modern, professional approach. Normal rates apply to songs six minutes or less in length, with 24 tracks or less. Up to two (2) revisions [recalls] of the final mix/master are allowed. Songs with larger track counts and extra recalls can also be mixed for an extra fee.

Single Master: $20 (one song or track, one recall allowed)

Full Song Mix: $50 (up to 24 tracks or stems, up to 2 recalls allowed)

Full Project Mix + Master Special for up to 12 songs: $550 (be sure to send ALL audio tracks, well organized and labeled!)

– A follow-up email with detailed instructions will be sent
– All files sent to be remixed must be continuous, unbroken stem files with the same start point.
– Please email song file(s) organized by song and zipped (WAV file preferably, but can be an MP3)
– File Sharing sites such as and are recommended


Other Services

Mixtape Covers and Flyers

When you’re presenting your music to blogs, labels, and others you’ve got to put you best foot forward. Why not do something a bit more original? Send us some of your existing photos, and we’ll hook it up! We might not be able to do everything graphic related (hey, we’re a recording studio over here!), but we can certainly give you something that looks pro and fits your vibe. Choose from the Mixtape covers show above, and email about flyer options.

1-Sided Mixtape/Flyer/: $30

2-Sided Mixtape/Flyer/: $45

– We will send a follow-up email with detailed instructions
– Each Design takes 5-8 Days after processing


Artist Bio
Give us your information + accomplishments and we’ll give you back a clearly written, impressive biography. We find that 1/2 page is great for cover letters, one sheets, and emails. More than that, and press types will essentially TL;DR… so we’ll keep your bio concise, easy to read, and reflective of your art and accomplishments. Below is an example of a Wikipedia entry, which is shorter, less exciting, and formatted differently than the 1/2 page bio we’ll write for you.

– $20


Professional Review/Critique
Studio owner/operator Kai Laigo was formerly head of the music screening dept. at Hello Music where he personally critiqued hundreds of songs a week, and moderated group-screened feedback reports like the one shown here:

Prior to that, he reviewed over 1200 songs at (now defunct) where he was noted for deep & constructive feedback, and also won these production awards for his own work:

Best Keyboards in Instrumental Rock, week of 17Nov2008
Best Production in Instrumental Rock, week of 17Nov2008
Best Programming in Pop, week of 3Nov2008
Most Original in Pop, week of 3Nov2008
Best Guitars in Pop, week of 3Nov2008
Best Beat in Pop, week of 3Nov2008
Feel Good Track in Pop, week of 3Nov2008

As part of our artist development packages we offer the option of having your release professionally critiqued. Kai will give it a thorough listen, and write a focused and detailed “technical report” to call out the strengths and weaknesses in your song writing, performance, and presentation.


1-2 songs, (up to 10 minutes in length ea.) – $20

3-4 songs, – $30

All payments are made through paypal to

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